Bernard Hooper Engineering Ltd has over 35 years experience of contract design and development work for many customers, including; UK Ministry of Defence, DERA, QinetiQ, Cranfield Aerospace, BAE Systems, British Technology Group, ML Aviation, Thorn-EMI, GEC- Marconi, Yamaha, Ingersoll Engineers (India), Harley Davidson, Eck Industries and GIL Marine (USA) and National Research Council (Canada).

A wide range of contracts have been carried out on a confidential research and development basis. This work includes engine and non-engine related projects.




Engine Projects

A large aspect of the work undertaken at BHE involves the design and development of advanced gasoline, diesel and gaseous fuelled engines. Work for Automotive, Marine, Industrial and Defence Aerospace Companies has been completed.

Sprite Unmanned Helicopter

Work has been completed on 2 and 4 stroke cycle engines ranging from 32-1800 cm3 for Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), Road Vehicle (4 wheel and motorcycle) and Industrial applications. Projects have included Alternative fuel testing, Variable Valve Timing (VVT) systems, balance shaft applications and proof testing of novel concepts. BHE are members of the Universities Internal Combustion Engines Group (UnICEG).

Non Engine Projects

Activities are not restricted solely to engine development. Our specialised knowledge of engine systems enables consideration of the requirements for a wide range of engineering challenges.

Complete UAV System Noise Testing

Non engine related projects have included the design and development of test rigs for simulation of environmental conditions, Noise and Vibration testing, Anti vibration systems for Triumph, Harley Davidson and other manufacturers, Anti-dive front fork systems, analysis of propeller blade rain erosion, component distortion, provision of control and monitoring systems, development of plastics blending machines and design of jigs and tools.

Anti Dive System

Further examples of completed Projects

Design build and development of specialised test rigs for specific component testing.
Analysis of engineering component failure and development to resolve problems.
Analysis and improvement of existing system designs.
Noise and Vibration analysis and provision of solutions for improvement.
Design and development of advanced concepts for engine and non-engine applications.
Analysis and advice provision on novel concepts including problem analysis.
Assessment of systems for vehicle installation (4 wheel vehicle and motorcycle).
Design and development of systems for manned and unmanned aircraft and helicopter applications.
Computational performance modelling.
Design of space saving systems for installation of computer hardware equipment.
Consultancy support on a high level propeller blade rain droplet erosion study including design and build of simulation test equipment.
Finite element stress analysis of conventional and novel component systems.
Development of software to assist design analysis.
Consideration and resolution of production and manufacturing problems.

Simulation Trials

Computer Aided Engineering

Facilities include CAD workstations complemented with Finite Element Analysis. BHE, pioneering the use of CAD from as early as 1983, were awarded the 1996 Small Business Award for Innovation by Dudley Training and Enterprise Council and received a special achievement award in 1998. The company also has Computational Engine Modelling facilities.

Test Facilities

Dynamometer test facilities can be made available on request to include analysis of all normal performance parameters.

Engine dynamometer testing of advanced new components

Prototype and Batch Manufacture

Machining facilities are available to ISO9000, supported by international contacts for specialised assistance.



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